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Discover Dance at The NYPAA

Step into the rhythm of your potential with The NYPAA’s Dance program. This immersive journey invites you to explore the vast landscape of dance, from the disciplined elegance of ballet to the expressive contours of contemporary and the vibrant energy of hip-hop. Crafted for dancers at all stages of their journey, our program is designed to challenge your limits, refine your technique, and amplify your expressiveness.

Experience a Spectrum of Styles
Our program embraces the diversity of dance, encouraging students to master multiple genres. Ballet’s grace, contemporary’s depth, and hip-hop’s dynamism are just the beginning. Each style serves as a foundation, building your versatility and readiness for the ever-evolving world of professional dance.

Train with Respected Industry Professionals
Learn from respected industry professionals, each bringing years of performance and choreography experience from the world’s stages. Their expertise and mentorship provide a rare opportunity to glean insights, learn industry nuances, and receive personalized guidance on your dance journey.

Perform and Create
Beyond technique and training, you’ll have opportunities to perform, create, and collaborate. Our program culminates in showcases that invite the wider community to witness your artistry. These performances are not just a display of skill but a celebration of your unique voice and vision in dance.

At The NYPAA, dance is more than movement—it’s a medium for storytelling, expression, and connection. You’ll join a community of like-minded artists, fostering collaborations that extend beyond the studio. Whether you’re aiming for a career on stage or behind the scenes, our program offers the foundation, inspiration, and network to support your aspirations.

With New York City as your backdrop, the path from the studio to the professional stage is vibrant with possibility. Our program is designed to bridge the gap between passion and profession, equipping you with the skills, confidence, and connections to thrive in the dance industry.

Embark on your dance odyssey with The NYPAA. Discover your rhythm, tell your stories, and let’s move the world together.


Mikael Pasini: Master of Movement and Expression

Embark on a journey of grace and power with Mikael Pasini, a luminary in the world of dance at The NYPAA. With roots stretching from the historic stages of Rome to the vibrant dance floors of New York City, Mikael brings a wealth of international experience and a rich tapestry of dance disciplines to NYPAA’s esteemed faculty.

Trained at the prestigious AccademiaNazionale di Danza in Rome, Mikael’s early career was marked by standout performances on television, music videos, and film, setting the stage for a diverse and dynamic career in dance. His move to New York City in 2017 was not just a change of location but a leap into a global dance metropolis where he continued to refine his craft and share his passion for dance with a wider audience.

At The NYPAA, Mikael specializes in Ballet and Contemporary Dance, weaving the precision and elegance of classical ballet with the emotive and innovative expressions of contemporary movement. His approach to teaching is characterized by a dedication to the fundamentals of dance while encouraging creativity and personal expression, allowing students to explore their boundaries and discover their unique style.

Mikael’s classes are more than just lessons in dance; they are immersive experiences where students are encouraged to push beyond their limits, explore the depths of their creativity, and develop a profound connection with the art of movement. His commitment to excellence and his ability to inspire has made him a beloved figure among students and colleagues alike.

Beyond the studio, Mikael has choreographed for an array of productions, showcasing his versatility and vision as a choreographer. His work is a testament to his belief in dance as a universal language of emotion and expression, capable of telling stories and evoking feelings that transcend words.

Join Mikael Pasini at The NYPAA and be part of a transformative dance education that bridges classical training with contemporary innovation. Whether you dream of performing on the grand stages of the world or wish to explore the expressive power of dance, Mikael’s guidance and mentorship will prepare you for a future as dynamic and diverse as dance itself.

Ballet & Contemporary Dance at The NYPAA

Under the expert tutelage of Mikael Pasini, Ballet & Contemporary Dance at The NYPAA stands as a beacon for those aspiring to master the grace of ballet and the expressive freedom of contemporary dance. This program is meticulously designed for dancers seeking to deepen their artistry, technique, and understanding of these two pivotal dance forms.

Program Highlights

  • Ballet Technique: Delve into the precision, discipline, and beauty of ballet. From barre exercises to en pointe work, students refine their technique, enhance their flexibility, and strengthen their understanding of classical ballet’s foundational principles.
  • Contemporary Exploration: Explore the boundless creativity and emotional depth of contemporary dance. This segment encourages personal expression and storytelling through movement, integrating techniques from modern dance pioneers and current innovators.
  • Performance Skills: Both ballet and contemporary dance demand not just technical prowess but also the ability to convey stories and emotions through performance. This program emphasizes developing presence, expressiveness, and the ability to connect with an audience.
  • Physical Conditioning and Flexibility: Rigorous physical conditioning sessions are tailored to build the strength, stamina, and flexibility required to excel in ballet and contemporary dance, ensuring dancers can perform challenging routines while minimizing the risk of injury.

Under Mikael Pasini’s guidance, students in the Ballet & Contemporary Dance Program at The NYPAA are not just trained to be versatile dancers but are also inspired to become innovative creators and thoughtful artists. Embrace this opportunity to transform your passion for dance into an extraordinary career, all within the vibrant cultural landscape of New York City.

David Thomas: Innovator of Rhythm and Street Styles

Step into the vibrant world of hip-hop dance with David Thomas, a pioneering force in the urban dance scene and a distinguished instructor at The NYPAA. Born and bred in the Bronx, the cradle of hip-hop, David’s journey in dance began with the king of pop, Michael Jackson, as his first inspiration. This spark ignited a lifelong passion, transforming him into a cornerstone of hip-hop choreography and education.

In 2002, David Thomas founded the renowned dance crew WRT (“We Run This”), marking the beginning of an era that would bring a fresh, authentic style to the hip-hop dance community. His leadership and innovative choreography have guided WRT to collaborate with some of today’s hottest musicians and perform on prestigious stages worldwide.

David’s approach to teaching at The NYPAA is deeply rooted in his belief that hip-hop is more than a dance form; it’s a culture and a way of life. His classes are an exploration of hip-hop’s rich history and its impact on the global dance landscape. Students learn the foundational moves, rhythmic patterns, and the importance of storytelling through movement, all while being encouraged to develop their own style and voice.

Beyond technique, David instills in his students the values of discipline, respect, and community that are central to hip-hop culture. His mentorship extends beyond dance moves, preparing students for life on and off the stage.

Hip-Hop Dance at The NYPAA

Hip-Hop Dance at The NYPAA, led by the illustrious David Thomas, is a dynamic exploration of the energy, creativity, and social expressions that define hip-hop culture. This program is designed for dancers of all levels who seek to immerse themselves in the authentic roots and evolving styles of hip-hop dance.

Program Focus

  • Foundational Skills: Dive into the core movements of hip-hop, including popping, locking, and breaking, to build a strong technical foundation.
  • Choreography and Freestyle: Learn to express individual stories and emotions through intricate choreography and spontaneous freestyle sessions.
  • History and Culture: Understand the origins of hip-hop and its significance as a powerful form of cultural expression.
  • Performance and Battle Techniques: Train for the intensity of live performances and battles, honing skills in presentation, improvisation, and competition.

Program Highlights

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from David Thomas and guest instructors who are respected professionals of the hip-hop world.
  • Community and Collaboration: Join a vibrant community of dancers, engaging in workshops, battles, and collaborative projects.
  • Showcase Opportunities: Perform in showcases and competitions that highlight your skills and creativity to audiences and industry professionals.
  • Career Preparation: Gain insights into the professional hip-hop dance industry, with guidance on auditions, branding, and networking.

Embark on a journey with The NYPAA’s Hip-Hop Dance, where the legacy of hip-hop’s pioneers meets the innovation of today’s artists. Unleash your potential, find your voice, and become a part of the movement that continues to shape the world.





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1-Year: Dance

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