The Academy

Since 2012, The New York Performing Arts Academy (The NYPAA) has been a beacon for the performing arts community, offering transformative scholarship programs. On January 1, 2024, these programs, known as “The NYPAA” initiatives, have proudly become a cornerstone of The MusicSquared Foundation, Inc.

The performing arts world is a vibrant contributor to global culture and personal growth, though navigating a career within it presents its challenges.

At The NYPAA, our commitment is unwavering: to render performing arts instruction both accessible and affordable. Our seasoned, award-winning instructors, alongside our supportive staff, deliver a progressive mix of experiential learning, leadership development, and industry involvement. Our goal is to empower students to discover their talents, realize their full potential, and prepare for a thriving career in the arts.

Our methodology is both rigorous and supportive, challenging students to broaden their skills while providing the practical knowledge essential for excelling in today’s competitive arts landscape.

Welcoming a diverse range of individuals, from novices to established professionals, we inspire each student to exceed their own expectations, forge their distinct path in the arts, and cherish their journey with us.

At The NYPAA, we are devoted to transforming your artistic dreams into reality through comprehensive instruction. We look forward to inviting you into our vibrant community!

Elevate your artistic passion.

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled mentorship and training provided by The NYPAA programs in the heart of Manhattan, surrounded by the iconic energy of the world’s most famous stages. While some may see the city’s bright lights as mere distractions, our students find their ultimate inspiration in them.

This city has been the launching pad for countless dreams, with many more to be realized. Whether you’re exploring acting for the first time or you’re a seasoned artist, our mission is to make your aspirations achievable.

Hone your skills in the entertainment heartland.

The NYPAA provides accessible, cost-effective programs in Musical Theatre, Acting for Stage, Film/TV, and Dance for those showing a genuine passion for the arts and a commitment to mastering their craft.