The NYPAA adopts a continuous admissions approach, ensuring timely communication with applicants. Within fifteen business days post-audition, candidates will be informed of their admission status.

For entry into our Spring or Fall Foundation Programs, we seek individuals who demonstrate:

  • A strong passion for in-depth training in acting, musical theatre, and dance.
  • The ability to articulate their personal goals; while many of our instructors are bilingual, proficiency in English is essential for maximizing instructional benefits.
  • An openness and eagerness to absorb knowledge from both instructors and fellow students.
  • Full capability to engage actively in all aspects of the program.


Application Process: After you submit your application and all required documents, we will contact prospective students to arrange interviews and auditions.

Required In-Person Application Materials:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Headshot
  • Resume
  • Non-Refundable Application Fee

Payment Information: Application fees are non-refundable. Both application fees and tuition can be paid via cash, credit/debit card, or money order.

Scholarships and Financial Aid: If you’re applying for a Merit and/or Needs-Based Scholarship, please include the necessary forms with your application materials.


  • Merit Scholarships: Awarded to students showcasing exceptional talent and potential in the Performing Arts, as determined through application reviews and audition performances. Partial scholarships are available, with up to $3,000 awarded for partial scholarships.
  • Need-Based Grants: “M2 Gives” offers Need-Based Grants to students demonstrating financial necessity, requiring tax documents or proof of government financial assistance for application. Grants can go up to $500.
  • Full Scholarships: Granted by the Academy’s Executive Director, recipients of Full Scholarships must cover the registration fee and a $750.00 administrative charge.

Student Housing: Housing options in NYC are available for The NYPAA students through a third-party provider. For more details, visit our Student Housing section on the website.


Audition Dates

Auditions are held year-round. For those living within 90 miles of NYC, we highly recommend attending an in-person audition. Candidates are expected to prepare a monologue, song, or dance piece for their audition.


Select a monologue that best showcases your acting abilities and strengths. Your piece should be age-appropriate and last no more than 2 minutes.


Choose a song that highlights your vocal talent and personal style. Ensure your song does not exceed 2 minutes in length.

Electronic Auditions

For applicants residing over 90 miles from NYC, electronic auditions can be submitted via email to

Wait List Policy

When a program reaches its capacity, a wait list is established. Applicants on the wait list will be informed as soon as a spot opens up. Those not accepted from the wait list into a program will receive notification at least 30 days before the program begins.