Sheri Sanders

Musical Theatre Dept.

Meet Sheri Sanders: Your Guide to Musical Performance Mastery

Sheri Sanders stands at the forefront of musical theatre innovation, renowned for her groundbreaking work in bridging the worlds of pop/rock music and traditional musical theatre. As the Musical Performance instructor at The NYPAA, Sheri brings her passion for music, her extensive performance experience, and her revolutionary teaching methods to inspire and cultivate the next generation of musical theatre talent.

A Trailblazer in Musical Theatre

Sheri’s journey in the arts is marked by her pioneering book, “Rock the Audition,” which transformed how performers prepare for and succeed in musicals. Her insights and techniques have reshaped audition rooms across Broadway and beyond, making her a sought-after mentor for those looking to excel in the ever-evolving landscape of musical theatre.

From Stage to Classroom: A Passion for Teaching

What sets Sheri apart is not just her expertise but her profound commitment to her students. Her teaching philosophy centers on authenticity, encouraging performers to bring their true selves to their roles and performances. Sheri’s classes are more than lessons in singing and acting; they are deep dives into the soul of musical theatre, where students learn to express their emotions fully and connect with audiences on a visceral level.

A Mentor Who Inspires

Students under Sheri’s guidance find more than a teacher; they find a mentor who believes in their potential and pushes them to explore the limits of their creativity. Her influence extends beyond the classroom, with numerous protégés going on to star in major productions, testament to the effectiveness of her innovative methods.

Join Sheri Sanders at The NYPAA

Embarking on the Musical Performance program with Sheri Sanders at the helm is not just an education—it’s an adventure into the heart of what makes musical theatre thrilling, meaningful, and endlessly diverse. Whether you’re aspiring to Broadway or seeking to make your mark in local theatre, Sheri’s guidance offers a pathway to achieving your dreams with authenticity and flair.

Welcome to a world where music and emotion collide spectacularly, led by one of the most inspiring voices in contemporary musical theatre education. Welcome to Sheri Sanders’ Musical Performance program at The NYPAA.