David Thomas

Dance Dept.
Hip-Hop Instructor

David Thomas: Innovator of Rhythm and Street Styles

Step into the vibrant world of hip-hop dance with David Thomas, a pioneering force in the urban dance scene and a distinguished instructor at The NYPAA. Born and bred in the Bronx, the cradle of hip-hop, David’s journey in dance began with the king of pop, Michael Jackson, as his first inspiration. This spark ignited a lifelong passion, transforming him into a cornerstone of hip-hop choreography and education.

In 2002, David Thomas founded the renowned dance crew WRT (“We Run This”), marking the beginning of an era that would bring a fresh, authentic style to the hip-hop dance community. His leadership and innovative choreography have guided WRT to collaborate with some of today’s hottest musicians and perform on prestigious stages worldwide.

David’s approach to teaching at The NYPAA is deeply rooted in his belief that hip-hop is more than a dance form; it’s a culture and a way of life. His classes are an exploration of hip-hop’s rich history and its impact on the global dance landscape. Students learn the foundational moves, rhythmic patterns, and the importance of storytelling through movement, all while being encouraged to develop their own style and voice.

Beyond technique, David instills in his students the values of discipline, respect, and community that are central to hip-hop culture. His mentorship extends beyond dance moves, preparing students for life on and off the stage.